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Your holiday canal boat is designed, licenced and insured for either four or six people, depending on its size. No more than that number may sleep on board. If you arrive at the marina with five people or more for a sleep 4 boat or 7 people or more for a sleep 6 boat, you will not be allowed to occupy the boat. This is not negotiable. Children, of whatever age - including babies - are people and count as part of this complement. Please don't tell us that additional passengers will find alternative accommodation along the way, as a minority of guests have been afforded this concession in the past and abused the privilege. It is therefore a firm rule that only the prescribed number (or less) will be allowed to crew and take the boat.Thank-you for your understanding and cooperation.

Control of the boat

You will need a minimum of two fit and active adults, or one adult and a child over the age of 16 years for a 4 berth boat although it is easier with three. For a 6 berth boat two adults . If on arrival you do not meet these requirements you will not be allowed to cruise, unless you are able to demonstrate previous narrowboat handling experience.



A dog may be accommodated by arrangement. We welcome responsible dog owners. However, please note that any arrangement must be made in advance in all circumstances(we also refer you to our 'Hirer's Arrival Agreement'). If you book on-line, please call our office once you have received your email confirmation. Please note that the fee for a pet dog is £45.00(inc. VAT) per booking. If you wish to bring a second dog, there is a secondary fee of £35 for the second, where applicable (inc VAT). You should also be aware that you must provide your own bedding for your pet and should not allow your pet onto any of the furnishings. Thank-you.


The company is unable to reproduce all current fishing byelaws. We will however, whenever possible, update our website with the latest information available to us. Fishing, where permitted, should only take place from the towpath side of the canal. Where fishing rights are not owned by Canal & River Trust (i.e. Crown Estates) or are licensed out to angling clubs or individuals the licensee's permission MUST be sought before you start fishing. Permission in some cases is granted by purchase of a day ticket or membership, if available, though this can in no way be guaranteed. In such circumstances, that is on an unassigned stretch of canal, permission from Canal & River Trust is deemed to be granted. Whether the fishing is carried out there, or on an assigned stretch with the permission of the Angling Club, the advice is that for insurance reasons, it should be conducted from the towpath and NOT from the boat (even if it is moored to the towpath) or a structure crossing the canal such as a bridge. Many sections of the canal system are covered by Angling Clubs and some of these MAY issue day tickets. Enquiries concerning these permissions should be directed to Canal & River Trust, whose email address is, . You will need to know where and when you will be at a particular location in order to determine which club to direct your request for a day ticket to.


The towpath and the country lanes, which cross the canals are an ideal place to cycle. You may bring up to two of your own bikes albeit at your own risk. These can be stored on the roof of the boat, provided they do not create a safety hazard. Please also bring a suitable mat to protect the paintwork.


Parking is available, but can be limited. Try therefore to avoid bringing more than one car if you can, as you may be charged for parking a second vehicle.


Whilst pubs and larger grocery stores will accept credit/debit cards, most smaller shops and village Post Offices may not. Be aware that ATM machines are not always situated on or close to the canal.


You will be traveling through a rich landscape of woods and water meadows, fields and farmland and you can expect to see a wide variety of the natural flora and fauna of these islands. Consider buying one of the many handbooks available and, if you have a pair of binoculars, bring them too, as you'll find you will see much more. Remember, however, that it is illegal to pick wildflowers or disturb nesting birds. Don't forget too, to bring enough film for your camera. If you run out, it may not be easy to get more.


If you like quiet pubs, in rural settings you will be spoilt for choice, but if you want organised entertainment you should look elsewhere. A few good books are a must and a pack of cards can be worth its weight in gold on a wet day. If you have children, perhaps some jigsaws or board games might be a good idea, but don't bring the Scalextric! Don't forget also, that each boat is fitted with a television and DVD player, so a selection of CDs and DVDs might prove invaluable if the weather is inclement.

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